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Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Deborah Williams, unveils her new single, ‘Show Me The Way’, out today on digital stores.

D.W., from London, is one of those working in the hidden world of film music scores with the ability to make what we see on screen, magic and unforgettable.

‘Show Me The Way’ is a downtempo melodic piece, dressed in trip hop vibes and beautifully arranged and composed. 

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Show Me the Way’ is a glamorous and atmospheric piece of piano-based pop, drawing influence from classic trip hop artists like Massive Attack and Portishead, whilst also infusing the orchestral backing and layered vocals of acts like Florence + the Machine. The result is gorgeous, refined and cinematic, with stunning production on all fronts and a mesmerising vocal performance.

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Reflective, empowering, and utterly breathtaking, it’s the perfect introduction to her next musical chapter.... is the moment where every musical box is ticked to generate a sensation that overwhelms in the most glorious way

...Every element drowns you with its beauty. Each nuance of musicality makes you appreciate the phenomenal sonic strength,

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Deborah Williams’ track, Show Me the Way, works as the ideal introduction to her cinematic pop bliss. .

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